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Food, made with love, can change your life.

That’s what we here at Evergrain believe. Our mission is make delicious bread, pastries, and coffee with care, providing a better quality of life for our customers and our community through the enjoyment of food. We bake every loaf of bread and infuse every sun bun with intention and a deep commitment to the art of traditional baking. The result is a product to be savored only steps from where it was baked hours before. We invite our customers to share in our passion for good food, a communal table, and the simple pleasures to be found in a hearty cup of coffee or a crusty slice of freshly-baked bread.

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Our Process

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Artisan baking, sourced from the best ingredients, made locally in Chestertown, Maryland

All of Evergrain’s bread, pastries and cakes are baked on site in our Chestertown, Maryland bakery using methods perfected by artisans over hundreds of years. From our rustic sourdough miche to our crispy, light croissants, our baking staff uses traditional techniques to create delicious products for our customers and our community.



Our Downtown Chestertown Location

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Hours & Location

Located in the heart of historic Chestertown, Maryland, just a block away from the Chester River, our bakery’s bright shop space offers fresh inventory daily. Customers can grab a loaf to go or linger over their their pastries, bread and coffee in our inviting dining space inside. In fair weather, enjoy the sunshine along with your croissant at our outside seating area.



Tuesday – Sunday

7:00 am – 5:00 pm

Monday Closed

Evergrain Bread Company

201 High Street
Chestertown, Maryland, 21620

Contact: (410) 778-3333


Snapshots from the Evergrain Shop

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